Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The other day I was chilling at the studio, ok so I was working, but while I was taking a breather, I was chillin' with Jack Yu. I really liked his design for his "Ama" character for his film, but had some suggestions that I felt that would make the design a bit more stronger. While I was drawing I really liked where it was heading, so I decided to take it all the way! Here is what I came up with, highly influenced by Jack's original design.

Monday, December 29, 2008

PERV' @ the School!!!!

so as some know i was working at the studio at the school for "most" of the break, I mean the whole break!!!! haha anyways the funniest thing i encountered was this old dude in the new open computer area. At first i thought that it was weird to see a late 50 to 60 year old dude in the school logged on to one of our computers. After checking my mail, i head towards the studio again and i saw what he was checking out on his screen while i was passing by. I am pretty sur that he was admiring NUDY PICTURES, because when he heard me passing by he shut the window right away, but i was able to get a little glams of the titties!!!!!!! man i was shocked to see that someone is actually using the school's computers for that usage!! common' man do that at home!!!!haha, this pic is inspired by that event!enjoy

Sunday, December 7, 2008


ok so i figured that i should put up some of my life drawings, i feel that some of them dont get their justice since all i do is draw them and then put them away FOR EVER!!!!!!haha so i decided to post some up. enjoy

drawing from life

some more life drawing