Saturday, February 24, 2007

the little cute chipmunk

this is one of the 2 animal characters animation done. it will b cleaned up, look how cute the little chipmunk looks, watch what happens when u try to eat it!
ps it laggs at one point in the animation it is bcuz of the compression on internet , enjoy


Bartek said...

Hey Marek... yagshemash..
i like this piece of animation the too cute part is nice.. solid drawing..

the only thing that i would double think is the rolling of the sleeve.. fur.. arm.. thingy....
good stuff though..

BTW.. my last name is Bugajski ..heh
thanks a lot FRIEND.. pfft.. =P

Bartek said...

wait.. i just reread your post.. maybe its the lag that was bugging me =P.. heh.
till then buddy

kamal said...

I like!!!!!!!!