Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I get high with a lil help with my friends

thanx for helping me cheer up during some ruff times i went through, hopefully i ll get over the painful days fast! i know that i can count on my friends!


Lettie Lo said...

: )
ur getting better and better caricaturing people!

alex c said...

And here i thought you were dead.

Keep on updating, it's all good stuff.

Frank Macchia said...

really appreciate this post mark.
i dont mean to get too overly sentimental but im really glad youre livin in 611 with me for our last year...weve only just started and im lookin forward to seein how this year unfolds
always got your back buddy.

and we'll be back where we belong in no know where.
keep up the blog posts man, gimmie something to look at to waste time lol

Christina Dee said...

you captured their likeness perfectly dude!