Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My latest character animator demo reel


Here is my latest character animator demo reel, I added a recent piece that I did during the past couple of weeks on my free time, and also added some more film stuff.


Tapan Gandhi said...

a job well done, my boy

a job well done..

Ben Lo said...

high five, sperber

get you a large taro coconut some time

[B]ehram said...

Bravo monsieur, c'est fantastique, vraiment!!
That is something different, never seen you design like that.
You get another taro coconut, playa.

Lettie Lo said...

wow amazingg
u never fail to impress mark

Chris Darnbrough said...

looks great man, is that christopher robin?

LeMark said...

thx guys, hopefully ill be able to get another one in soon!!!! and yeah Chris its Christopher Robins

Alex Chechik said...

Latest piece is great. When'd you have time to do it?

LeMark said...

thx Chechik, works been really busy, but I found time to work on personal stuff after work, meaning no sleep!!hahhaa