Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Drawing

got frustrated this morning, it was too windy and got to the studio and had no idea what to draw to warm up, so..... this is pretty much my attitude of this morning!haha enjoy


[B]ehram said...

its friggin -15C with 15Km/h here and you complaining about LA being TOO WINDY. My face is frozen that i can't even make that expression in the morning.

Watch them hand sizes and draw them as a shape before working the fingers, playaa

LeMark said...

yeah yeah yea, LA is for sure warmer than the Tdot certainly!
regarding this drawing..... i was drawing something else to start off, wasnt motivated by it and so quickly drew this to get it done!!hahah but yeah after posting it i did realize that u would have some beef on them!