Tuesday, November 14, 2006

character design

here is my second assignment for character design class, its for the walk and run assignment in animation class. i had to come up with 2 characters this time. this is what i came up with; 2 clowns, one short and grumpy one, who hates being a clown ( he has a fake smile painted on his face), and the other one is a goofy clown just being a clown, a bit clumsy! enjoy

ps i had problems uploading the last character rotation, it will be posted asap!sorry
its weird the last character rotation doesnt want to upload for some reason. i ll figure it out this weekend!


Letz said...

welcoem to the blog parteeeeee!!! D:
the pic of urself doesnt realy look like u D:

Letz said...

btw u changed the first post of the sec chara .. looks much kooler now :)

GHGraphics said...

hey Mark! got some pretty funny characters here hehehe

Jurffy said...

haha yo mark it's jeff.. nice picture.. and nice characters =-p

Hodges! said...

haha nice clowns mark, i like the grumpy dude, still think you should make him burn, nothing beats a burning clown