Thursday, November 30, 2006

i love art history!!

let me explain why,
i go to that lecture to cafe draw!!!!!hahahahaha
here are some new ones, enjoy, later


Igor P. said...

Next monday, I better see more sketches of me. Good ones. Ya hear?

Have you tried using ballpoint pen? It helps to throw down less lines but you can still do an under drawing.

Letz said...

love that one of jake :) he is a hard one to draw

and yeahh, i think drawing would look more attractive if its cleaner. but i love the way u catch everyone's expression :) GOOD JOB

GHGraphics said...

Hey there's me!!!

I'm honoured Mark. These are good man. I can tell who each one is! Ya the line could be cleaner but come on ,it's art history class...