Friday, December 29, 2006


here u go B, this is what i came up with for our lil character design challenge. the challenge was to be able to create a cute female asian character, we choose the body type. this is what i came up with, i hope u enjoy.



Letz said...

haha she doesnt look too asian!!

[B]ehram said...

haha ya man it's not asian enough. same problem as mine. Plus you can push her to be more cute. I really like the one where she's sitting the best. I see that referrence from life there. And what is she doing in the pulling one???? top left. ya we need to work on this CCC more.

PS it's Khoshroo not K_oshroo. Ben and Rachel have the same speeling mistake.

yuj said...

asianizer! good stuff mang...

jurffy said...

ya nice job mark i like the drawings but like mentioned, she doesn't look too asian =p.

Yuriy Sivers said...


You guys....

Nice Job Mark!

Though I agree with Lattie.... I dont think the problem is with a character design! I don't think the gestures connect with culture.

Nice to see people doing Stuff!
Keep at it!!

P.S: what does CCC stand for?

Kumo said...

Yo dude!!
How r u ?
Good stuff ... i like ur job very much !!

a bientot fiston !!