Monday, December 18, 2006

the expression change

so this is the last assignment i had to do for the semester, it was fun til a certain point , because i had to do it during crunch time, the last week of the semester where everything was due!!! so i didnt have enormous amount of time to work on it, only one week, then came painting and sound..... but i still managed to challenge myself to animate a artistic style that i like, the europeen comic style (shoalin moussaka, asterix, gaston, etc.), enough talking about it, i hope u enjoy this one.


Jurffy said...

ahh man that's nice..=p

ben said...

always a pleasure to see your animation. you always manage to make it very entertaining. nice caricature of Will... could push the squint even further though.

Lisa Tao said...

heeey its the pirate man =D
nice animations, but his face stays in the same angle for the entire animation ): boohoo